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Should My Business Be On Tiktok?

Should My Business Be On Tiktok?

TikTok has taken the world by storm. It has quickly shown itself to be one of the most popular social media platforms to exist. Since 2016, TikTok has gone on to amass some 1 billion monthly active users and has allowed exposure that has never been seen before.


You may know a little about TikTok. You may be wondering how a platform that is all about dancing, memes, and jokes is relevant to your small business. If that sounds a bit like you, then read on. You’ll see why now is the time to learn all about TikTok and how it provides a great marketing opportunity for you to tap into.


Should My Business Be On Tiktok

TikTok Is Different

Okay, so you may know that TikTok has seen a great deal of attention lately, but perhaps you think that you have already done social media to death. No doubt you’re marketing your small business on Facebook, and perhaps you’re using the likes of Instagram and LinkedIn too. Of course, that’s great, but by exploring TikTok, you’ll see that what it offers is a little different.


TikTok isn’t about the written word. It is not even about pictures. Instead, it is solely about short video content. Creating videos, that are less than three minutes long, gives you a whole new way of interacting with your potential customers. TikTok gives you the opportunity to have thousands of eyeballs on your brand, building not only your brand awareness but developing stronger customer connections, allowing you to maintain your existing customers and attract new customers.


Greater Exposure 

No doubt you’ll be aware of the changes that Facebook made some time ago. Having a business page on the platform used to mean that those who liked your page saw your updates. That changed, and the reach of posts got less and less. This meant that paid ads were the way to go.


TikTok also has paid ads that are a great way of marketing a small business, but even without these you still get much greater reach than with Facebook. Users homepages will display videos of people that they have interacted with, but it will also show videos that TikTok just believes that they will like. This can put your content in front of a whole new audience, for free.


A study conducted by Kantar found that 25% TikTok users purchase or research a product after watching a TikTok, meaning 1 in every 4 of your viewers could take action and become your customer.


Not sure if you believe that organic content is beneficial to your business? One of our organic TikToks hit over 100K views, with nearly 7K likes and 400 comments. Even better, it attracted at least 5 new clients at the time, who we have worked closely with since.


Don’t Let Demographics Put You Off


Right now, it is probably true that TikTok is most popular with Generation Z. There are small business owners who don’t see the worth of TikTok as this isn’t their target market. That makes sense, of course, but they are really missing a trick.


When you look at any of the major social media platforms, they all began by appealing to the younger generations. Take a look at how this has now changed with Facebook and even Snapchat. Getting in on TikTok now means that you have the chance to experiment and build your brand message as the user demographic continues to grow.


Even big brands like M&S, whose target market is predominantly Gen X, are utilizing TikTok and seeing great success.


Final Thoughts


So, should your small business be using TikTok? When you look at the marketing potential, the answer is a resounding yes. By taking the time to learn how TikTok works, you can see your small business getting in front of tens of thousands of people with ease.


While TikTok has a vast number of users, the platform is far from saturated in terms of business. This means that now is the time to get in.


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