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Bents is a family owned and run garden centre based in the North West. Established in 1937 it began life in the front garden of a terraced house with the founders selling roses from their own garden, word spread and the business grew. Ever evolving, Bents is now a third generation family business and a unique lifestyle destination offering customers advice, inspiration and a diverse product range to make the most out of any outdoor, or indoor, living space.
From Christmas Sales Boost to Comprehensive Engagement Strategy

We were originally approached by Bents in 2022 to help with the Christmas Sales push with a focus around Social Media. Bents were considering their Christmas 2022 plans and we had been discussing vertical video for several months with Bents and agreed a campaign for Christmas 2022. Since then we have taken on other roles and responsibilities including helping generally across social media, and helping with new staff members and processes.

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