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A Design As Innovative As The Product It Represents
BioWave started off as a concept with the aim of making pain relief targeted and effective. Once launched BioWave was quickly adopted in professional, collegiate, and Olympic sports which continues to this day. Now BioWave is available across the UK in NHS pain clinics, Specialist Physio clinics, and the smallest device was ready to be sold online.


We were tasked with redesigning and building Biowave's new eCommerce website and brochures, igniting a new era of digital engagement for the brand. With our commitment to innovation and an acute understanding of design aesthetics, we aimed to blend the essence of Biowave's mission with a fresh, modern design that radiates sophistication and captivates the audience. Complementing this digital venture, the brochures serve as tangible extensions of the brand, thoughtfully designed to stand out and leave an impression.


Our solution seamlessly integrates innovation and design aesthetics to elevate the brand's digital presence and printed materials. In redesigning and building Biowave's new eCommerce website and brochures, we embarked on a mission to fuse the brand's core values with a contemporary design that exudes sophistication and resonates with the target audience.

The carefully designed brochures are intended to stand out, leaving a lasting impression on the audience, and serve as powerful tools for offline engagement. The result is a harmonious blend of digital and physical touchpoints, marking a new era of enhanced brand engagement for Biowave.

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