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5 Tips to help you Advertise your Holiday Let

5 Tips to help you Advertise your Holiday Let

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If you’ve just purchased a Holiday Let and are looking to advertise it, these 5 tips will help you get your feet off the ground and hopefully start generating business. If you struggle with any of the top tips below, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Domain Name

If you are unsure what a domain name is, a simple definition would be “a unique name that identifies a website”. Acquiring a domain name is the first step towards getting yourself a quality website. We highly recommend you name your Holiday Let as this will help you establish a recognisable brand. Something along the lines of “93 London Road” would not be as memorable as “Brookway Lodge” for example. The name will provide potential customers with certain expectations prior to them even seeing the house, so choose wisely! Whether you choose a branded name, or just stick to the basics, acquiring a domain should be one of your top priorities.

The domain is the section of the URL that looks (for example) like “”. We would recommend that you purchase both and the .com domains but you should primarily use the one which relates to where you are based and who you wish your target clientele to be. If your customers are UK based, use as the main domain. If it is your intention to market your property Internationally, then the .com domain is the one for you.

Google Maps/Google My Business

Google Maps is an important tool in the world of Holiday Lets. In this digital age, Google Maps is how the majority of people will locate your Holiday Let in the first instance. Hopefully, if all goes well, they’ll use Google Maps to plan their journey when they come to stay. By adding your Holiday Let onto Google Maps, it will appear higher up in results on search engines, when people search using keywords relating to your property. Google Maps is not only a useful navigator but links hand-in-hand with Google My Business.

Google My Business is a free tool for managing your Holiday Lets online presence across Google. The huge benefit of Google My Business is that when someone searches Google for Holiday Lets in your area, the information including a link to your website, reviews and how to contact you, will appear for them to see. How good is that?

Social Media

Love it or hate it, Social Media is probably going to be the most important facility when advertising your Holiday Let. Although you could set up a profile for every social media platform, we’d generally recommend sticking to the ones your customers use the most. Social Media is proven to produce results, even if those results are just engagements on your posts such as Likes and Shares, every little helps! Using Social Media as a resource can generate immense online exposure for your brand, for example giving discounts to people who share your posts. This is free advertising on hundreds of people’s profiles!

Build a Website

When you ask the average Joe/Jane to build a website from scratch, the thought may daunt them. With over 101 ways to build a website, where do you start?

If you have a limited budget, there are website builders that are free to use such as Wix, which allow you to build on top of pre-made templates or build the website from scratch. These free tools are great for businesses just starting out. Even if you can build just one landing page it’s much better than having nothing. Having a website is an invaluable commodity as it acts as a central information hub for all things to do with your Holiday Let.

The alternative would be to contact an agency who can build a bespoke website for you. While this may require a slightly larger budget to pay for the agencies time and expertise, most agencies can try and work within your budget to achieve the results you require. Hiring an agency means you’ll be leaving all the tricky parts of the building process down to the experts, who will do a great job in building a bespoke website for you. Morgan Branding specialises in Branding and Digital Marketing, so we can build bespoke and unique websites that when completed, can be handed to you so you have full control. WordPress is a great website building tool, but best of all it’s easy even for newbies to pick up the basics, so when we hand the site over to you there’s no steep learning curve! We can of course step in should you require any assistance.

Agency Websites

We found that marketing your Holiday Let on other agency websites proves very useful in terms of advertising. The easiest way to locate websites that your potential customers are using is to put yourself in their shoes. Google search what you believe your customers will type into search engines to find your Holiday Let. If you have a cottage in Wales, try typing in basic keyword phrases such as “holiday cottages in Wales” and see what shows up. You’ll then find a host of huge websites across Google who pay lots of money to get to the top of the search results, so you don’t have to!

These 5 Tips will help you on the path to owning a successful Holiday Let! Follow Morgan Branding on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more helpful tips.


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