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The Best TikTok Tools 2023

TikTok is one of the biggest developing platforms for companies to expand their business. Digital marketing is increasingly becoming more popular and users are spending more time online when finding businesses. With the amount of opportunities the app offers, it is crucial that businesses take advantage of this free network. Starting off as a user on TikTok takes time, especially for businesses trying to create their brand image and increase audiences. This blog will give the necessary information about the tools that could be used to grow your TikTok account in 2023, covering video editing, content inspiration, trends and more!Personalisation will continue to be a main focal point for marketers

Personalisation is a strategy that tailors webpages and other forms of content to an individual user’s preferences. With the amount of data available, it’s now attainable to deliver highly targeted and individualized marketing messages to consumers. Substantial brands like Spotify and Netflix are examples of using personalization through their recommendations, which makes the consumer feel heard and connected to your business. Strategies like customized email campaigns, targeted ads and personal recommendations should be expected in the coming year. 

What TikTok tools are a must in 2023:

Video Editing


CapCut is a video editing tool that has been jointly created by ByteDance and TikTok to make editing easier for users on TikTok. As the app is developed by TikTok, this will be evidently efficient when using since CapCut caters to TikTok making it one of the best tools to use when editing. It offers all-in-one video editing which includes cutting; trimming; filters and effects which enables you to use trending TikTok templates, like this!

Price: Basic CapCut: Free | Monthly Subscription $7.99 | One Year pro | $44.99 



Splice is a platform that covers all social media and is a quick and easy way to create and share your own videos. It is solely created to make your editing experience easy and quick to cater your needs and wants for your social media platform. Making the app accessible to everyone and being able to edit on your phone means that you can edit on the go whenever you can. Splice focuses on the time management that many businesses will need to consider when trying to develop their platform and now anyone can work on their editing skills at any time of the day. 

Price: Free

Content Ideas

Answer the Public 

Answer The Public is one of our favourite tools for content ideas. With the expansive information it has to offer on what different types of audiences are asking about a particular topic or sector that can be used by your company to create the best content for TikTok. With the excessive amount of questions and topics you can base it off, the amount of content that can be created just from this one app is immense. Answer the Public could give you the information necessary to take that extra step further; just a few searches can lead to hundreds of questions that you easily have access to. You can use this tool for content ideas that your audience wants to see, also helping you rank for TikTok SEO!

Price: Basic: Free for 1 search per day | Individual $9 / month for 100 searches per day

TikTok creative centre 

The TikTok creative centre is made for direct use of TikTok, and was created to guide businesses on the platform in order for them to have the advice they need to set up their platform for success. They offer a beginners guide for anyone who might be struggling to optimise the use of the creative centre. 

It induces, but is not limited to:

  • Tutorials and resources 
  • Video editing tools
  • Ad inspiration
  • Trending sounds
  • Trending hashtags

Price: Free

Content Planning

Morgan Branding 2023 content planner 

Having a content planner is essential when organising your TikTok ideas. Staying focused and organised will keep up the professional outlook that is needed for your audience and falling behind is not an option when you are hoping to expand your TikTok platform. Having a planner puts it more into perspective to identify what needs to be done weekly so that you are optimising your potential when it comes to posts. 

Our planner includes:

  • Monthly overview with key dates
  • Weekly planner
  • TikTok SEO guide
  • Content Pillars & BrainStorm Area

Price: Free

Hook Generator

Content Row Headline Generator 

The headline generator is a great way to use effective and converting hooks at the start of your videos. A ‘hook’ is referred to as the first 3 seconds of your TikTok, and should be effective enough to stop the scroll. The headlines that are generated in Content Row will also show you what kind it is, whether it presents itself as ‘clickbait’, ‘topical’, ‘seasonal’ or ‘evergreen’, helping you identify what impression your audience will get. They also use a score filter which can identify the better headlines against the ones that need improvement. 

Price: Free



Copy AI

Copy AI is a great resource to use for caption writing! The TikTok caption character limit has expanded to 2,200 characters, meaning that you should be writing long-form captions. With the help of this tool, you can write effective captions that help you rank higher for TikTok SEO, and can help you script out TikTok videos and write copy for Ads, making it easier and more time efficient when creating posts. 

Price: Basic Plan: Free | Unlimited Plan: $49 \ month 



CharGPT is similar to Copy AI, however it is offered as a free version (for now!) so it may be more helpful with beginners who may not want to spend a lot of time or money trying to expand their TikTok platform. It was released in November 2022 by Open AI, and within a few days of its release date, it created over a million users. This virtual chatbot uses a huge amount of information and knowledge to help you expand your TikTok reach by offering:

  • Content ideas
  • Captions
  • Scripts
  • Hooks
  • Call to actions

Repurposing aims to provide you with necessary help that you may need to create enough content to grow your TikTok platform, whilst remaining active on other platforms such as Reels and YouTube Shorts. can automatically, or manually, save your TikToks to a Google Drive, remove the watermark, and share it to other platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest! This will help gain a wider audience for your TikTok and it will help you advertise your business across your other platforms.

Price: Free 14 Day Trial | Content Marketer Plan $25 / month



This app is a free alternative to, however it does require much more effort. It gains the ability to save your videos without the watermark. You just need to copy your video URL, paste it into SnapTik and download it through this website. This is a great way to keep your videos stored or if you’d like you to repost anything on other social medias when content ideas run low. 

Price: Free


TrendTok (App) 

TikTok is built on trends. It is crucial for your business to understand the current trends to build community and grow brand awareness on TikTok. Although it is an app with costs that come with it, it is the number one app for trend analytics. There are different sectors within the app that functions the overall work, what works to benefit you as the user means you are able to custom your own types of trends and it looks at your own preferences to what you need to look at in terms of trends for TikTok revolving in business. 

Price: From £2.99 (weekly) to £39.99 (yearly)


Morgan Branding TikTok Newsletter

As a free alternative to TrendTok, here at Morgan Branding we deliver weekly trends to your inbox every Monday! All the trends are licensed for business use, ensuring you can use the sound to help you grow! 

Price: Free


These tools are a key necessity to relate to your content on TikTok in 2023. They are created to help your experience when evolving your TikTok platforms and can generate more audiences, use your time efficiently when advertising and will organise your time properly so you keep up to date with when your content needs to be released. Using these tools will expand your knowledge of being a business on TikTok and you will see a rise in activity with your platform. 

Looking for further advice?

We have a range of packages to help your business on TikTok, such as 1-1 strategy calls, monthly growth coaching and intensive TikTok management packages.

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