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The International Football Group

The International Football Group is an industry leader in education & football, providing a platform that offers the very best in football opportunities combined with academic excellence. The group offers a variety of programmes, from the unique chance to train at some of europe's elite clubs like Juventus to their innovative 9 month Residency Programme in partnership with University of Central Lancashire & Macclesfield FC.
From Brand Identity to Seamless Automation

At the beginning of the partnership, Morgan Digital were assigned the task of crafting the brand identity for the group and its fundamental programmes. The brand identity had to effectively embody the group's activities across the UK, USA, and Europe, while also being all-encompassing towards all students.

Moving forward, the project transitioned to the development of a website with the purpose of serving as an informative brochure for the programmes. This website featured crucial data capture mechanisms seamlessly incorporated into the group's CRM system. The CRM integration also involved the automation of the onboarding process, resulting in notable time savings for the group during the student enrolment phase. With the group's ongoing expansion throughout the year, the website's augmentation was equally imperative, set to progress alongside the introduction of additional programmes and partnerships.

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