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Why Is TikTok Removing My Comments?

Why Is TikTok Removing My Comments?

As TikTok is becoming more saturated, and more people joining the app, TikTok rolled out a new feature that may be difficult for business owners.


Why Is TikTok Removing My Comments?

What Can’t I Comment?

TikTok now censors your comments if they include certain keywords like “shop”, “link”, “bio” and “instagram”. This means that you will be able to see the comment, but your audience will not, therefore it’s important to use comments in the correct way to drive people to your website through TikTok, but don’t worry – we have a resolution!


Why are TikTok Doing This?

This is to discourage people from leaving the app and heading over to Instagram or your website. The tricky thing is, you can still see your comment, however it is not displayed to your audience, so they won’t receive your reply to their comment!

With the new TikTok shop feature, people can shop in the app itself, meaning there is less opportunity to drive people to your website. This could also be a reason to encourage more businesses to swap from a creator account to a business account, as creators cannot access the TikTok shop function, meaning they are extremely limited to drive people to their website and make sales via TikTok.


How To Resolve The Issue

Thankfully, there is a resolution to this! Head over to your privacy settings and select the comments option. Make sure to turn off the comment filters. This will allow you to use more keywords like ‘website, ‘bio’ and ‘click the link’ without TikTok removing your comment.


Here are the Phrases You CAN Comment on TikTok:

We conducted some research to find out ways to get around this frustrating feature, and commented 40 phrases on our TikTok. We asked our audience to like the comments that they could see. Of the 40 phrases, only 18-20 were visible to our audience.

The following phrases are those that you CAN use in your TikTok comments section and replies:

You know where to go

  • Sign up today!
  • ????the????
  • Peep the b I o
  • Hit the ????
  • S1gn ????
  • Find out more info on our blog
  • Read our blog
  • Bio
  • ???? us
  • Hit the ???? to S1gn????
  • ????L????I????N????K???? in b1????️
  • L1nk1nb10

Whereas the following phrases cannot be used:

  • More info on the profile!
  • Click the link
  • Drop us an email
  • Message us for more info
  • Link in bio
  • Link in Bi ????
  • Website link in bio
  • Tap l4nk!
  • Drop us a message on insta
  • Check out our site
  • DM us
  • Hit the link
  • Shop yours today on our site!
  • Subscribe to our mailing list
  • Subscr!b3 2 our ????list

Don’t believe it? Check it out for yourself and watch our TikTok!


The following phrases CAN be used once you have changed your privacy settings:

–        Website link in bio

–        Message us for more info

–        Click the link

–        Drop us an email

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