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Here’s How Social Media Can Help Your Business

It is becoming increasingly difficult to grow your brand on social media; most platforms are overly saturated with short life spans for your posts. 

But anything is possible when you put your mind to it, right? Especially when there’s TikTok!

Here are our top tips on how to grow your business through social media, including which platforms we recommend and what to post. 

Which Social Media Channels Should I Use to Market My Business?

For businesses who are tired of spending all of their time on Facebook and Instagram and seeing minimal results, we recommend using TikTok and LinkedIn to successfully grow and engage with your target market, reach maximum exposure and make more sales!

We believe that LinkedIn performs best for B2B consumption, whereas TikTok works great for B2C consumption and is the perfect place to have fun and watch your brand grow stress-free! 

The viral nature of both TikTok and LinkedIn will boost your content to a wide audience, therefore your business has a higher chance of making more sales! We have found that sharing our successful TikToks to LinkedIn and Instagram Reels is also an effective strategy to boost reach. 

So, What Do I Post?

This may sound daunting, but it’s time to hop on the trends! TikTok thrives off trending videos, trending sounds and trending effects, so you’re more likely to go viral if you use these!

One useful website to use when choosing your sound is TokBoard. This displays which songs are trending and suggests whether they will continue to trend or decrease in popularity.  

Regarding actual content, sign up to our weekly newsletter for new and unique video ideas for businesses every single week! You can also scroll through your FYP or look through on-brand hashtags to get inspiration from others in your niche.

Instagram Reels are often a few days behind on the TikTok trends, so once you have found one on TikTok, remember to repost it to Instagram (without the watermark!). 

How Can We Help?

If you’re looking to grow your business on TikTok, you’ll be pleased to know that we now offer TikTok packages where we create months’ worth of fun content, edit and post your videos so you can focus your time elsewhere in your business!

Get in touch today for more information! 

Need further advice? Get in touch with us here at Morgan Branding we have a fully dedicated team ready to help you and your business get ahead online. You can get in touch via our contact page or get social with us on FacebookTwitter, Instagram or LinkedIn! 

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