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Tinsel, Mince Pies and Social Media

Tinsel, Mince Pies and Social Media

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” according to Michael Buble who has been singing jollily since the start of the week. We have just about made it past Black Friday and Cyber Monday but don’t be fooled, your social media feeds will be full of great offers on things nobody really wants from now until the big day… well until the day before the big day. Christmas is a great time to up your social media game, whether you’re pushing products or simply spreading a little bit of seasonal joy – exposure is exposure and posting a photo of Mccauley Culkin, (before the drug abuse) is sure to put a smile on someones face, maybe they’ll even buy something. This blog post will give you a few tips to increase your social media awareness over the holiday season.

Logo & Cover Photo

Your Cover Photo is the first thing visitors will see when they visit your social media channel, this is a perfect place to promote special festive offers and menus. Make sure you stick to your brand identity but incorporate the festivities, many businesses pop a Christmas hat on their logo, it’s unoriginal, it’s tacky, but it’s Christmas. So we did it – check it out below.

Christmas Offers

It’s the season of giving, and a 30% discount can go a long way. Everyone loves a bargain, and at Christmas, we are flooded with them. It’s tough for small businesses to give discounts, as this tends to dip into the profits – but the festive period is a brilliant time to get in on the action, statistics show that sales can increase from 100% all the way up to 300% by creating discounts between 25% and 30%. This can go a long way to getting those extra presents for the little ones (or yourself).
Special shoutout to restaurants, get people through the doors! By offering discounts on food, you’ve captured the customers. We all know everyone loves a drink over the festive period – head spends will rise to get the customers in! Make sure you set up advert campaigns on social media channels to promote your offers, create advertisements that represent your brand but feel Christmassy!


Content is key and more than ever this time of year as it’s a great time to sell. You’ve seen the taste of the season, it’s been the same since John Lewis dropped their first tear-jerker many moons ago (no reference to the strange man on the moon last year). People love to feel emotional over Christmas, as I touched on just above. I wouldn’t go as far as posting a photo of your daughter with the caption “shop local and this little girl can have that pony she asked for”, but definitely try and pull at peoples heartstrings a little bit.

On another note, once again we’re looking at eateries and people in the food business, people love to see festive bites and beverages – bombard your news feed with cakes, mulled wine and juicy looking turkeys. I’m after some inspiration too – sprout recipes, anyone?

Wish People Merry Christmas!

I genuinely believe the greatest benefit of scheduling posts is scheduling a ‘Merry Christmas Folks’… My Christmas Morning features the classic cliché of Bucks Fizz with breakfast usually a few hours after a very merry Christmas Eve – by 11AM I’m a bit worse for wear and “Merry Christmas Everyone” can very easily turn to “Mrryyr Chrtsfnd Ervrybody”… Make sure you schedule your Merry Christmas before the big day!

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