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The Countdown Begins- Why You Should Start Your Christmas Prep Now!

The countdown begins

Why you should start your Christmas prep now!

Along with being the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas is undoubtably the busiest time of the year for many, if not most businesses. Preparing for the hectic season of festivities is crucial to ensure that you get the most out of this yearly opportunity for your clients and business. Early preparation is key when it comes to the success this season; its never a good idea to run to the nearest department store to get your mum a scented candle on Christmas eve, just like its not a good idea to devise your Christmas menu on the 1st December.

As you can imagine, demand in restaurants rockets over the festive season and it would be a waste to not take full advantage of this. Introducing a seasonal Christmas menu early will mean that Christmas parties will book with you against competitors failing to prepare as everyone knows its best to get these things booked and out of the way. Having access to the new menu early will reassure customers and lead them to trust that you will offer them the best service this Christmas.

Top Tip

Make sure that the festive menu has been advertised well and ensure that it is available to access online. This means that there will be fewer enquiries asking to view the menu meaning your time can be spent elsewhere. Although it may sound obvious, when time is tight it is crucial that you utilise every second and resource that you have. 

For firms not within the catering market, Christmas cards are also a great method of Christmas marketing. Sending Christmas cards allows you to maintain a good rapport with clients and a successful design will ensure your company is remembered. Everyone loves to receive Christmas cards and sending them from your company creates a more personal relationship between client and company, encouraging them to return to you for later business.

As well as the exciting new menus and pretty Christmas cards, its also important to think about the logistics of a vast increase in demand. Tracking inventory is pivotal to ensure that enough stock is in to meet demand without substantial amounts of waste. From a HR perspective it is important to prepare staff rotas for the festive period in advance in order to have a fully prepared workforce to meet the increase of work. Therefore, it is essential to have planned strategy in place for the busy period. 

If you need any support to make the most of the festive opportunities this year then get in touch with us at  utilise this chance for more business and entre the new year prosperously. If you would like a chat to prepare for the busy time of the year don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01925 414909. 

Remember, that the greatest gift you can give your business this year is time and preparation.

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