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What Is Ecommerce Web Design?

What Is Ecommerce Web Design?

If you’re in the market for a new website or redesign, you may be wondering what exactly “eCommerce web design” means. Ecommerce web design is an industry term that refers to designing websites with features and functionality specific to online stores and for a website to be able to process online orders for products or services.

During 2020 eCommerce websites dominated the market and eCommerce web design and eCommerce platforms were in peak demand due to the restrictions on the high street. Ecommerce shows no signs of slowing down and more and more businesses are looking to get their business online. In this blog post, we’ll cover some of the main considerations for eCommerce web design: what it entails, who it’s best suited for, and how much it costs!

What Is Ecommerce Web Design?

What is Ecommerce Website Design?

Ecommerce is the process of selling goods or services over the internet. It’s also called electronic commerce, and it’s one of the most popular ways to do business today and is a growing industry that shows no signs of slowing down.

Ecommerce web design is the process of designing a website that can help you sell products to customers. They are usually created with features like customer reviews, online shopping carts and promotions so that people will be more inclined to buy things from your site. A lot of these websites also have social media integration or quick-contact forms on them for easy access. The most important thing about eCommerce sites is the ability to convert visitors into buyers and engaging potential shoppers through visuals, text links, buttons and other interactive elements found throughout the page.


How to Find the Best Ecommerce Website Designer for Your Business

The best eCommerce website designers are the ones who can bring your business to life. They have a knack for creating a custom design that appeals to users and gives them an intuitive experience. This is important because it helps you stand out from competitors, build brand loyalty, and grow your customer base.

Choosing the right eCommerce web designer for your company can be challenging. In fact, it may seem like an impossible task to find one that is qualified and affordable. The good news is that there are some general considerations you should take into account when looking at different companies as well as other factors such as customer service, SEO, and security.

  1. Decide on your business goals
  2. Determine what you need the website to do
  3. What type of design are you looking for (elegant, modern, etc.)
  4. Consider the designer’s experience with eCommerce sites.
  5. Determine whether you need a custom or template-based site.
  6. Evaluate how many pages the site will have and what kind of content it will contain and ensure that this fits in with your budget and the price offered by the designer.
  7. Find out what type of hosting service is being offered by the web design company and check for security certificates, especially if your site will be accepting credit card payments the key ones to look out for are PCI-DSS.
  8. Ask about SEO services – are they included in your package or an additional cost.
What Is Ecommerce Web Design?

We’re ready to handle your website design project

Morgan Branding is a dedicated team based in Warrington, providing website design services to all shapes and sizes of businesses. We are dedicated to offering creating services like web design, 360 tours, and graphic design services. We are digital experts when it comes to building business websites, and unlike other web design agencies, we work with you not against you to create the perfect website for your brand.

The Benefits of Using a Professional Ecommerce Web Designer

We all know how competitive the eCommerce market has become, and with hundreds of thousands of new websites launching every year, it is easy to see why. In order for your website to stand out in this crowded space, you need a professional web designer who can create an eye-catching design that will catch people’s attention.

  1. Professional eCommerce web designers know how to make your site look good on all devices and browsers, regardless of whether you are using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone this is also known as responsive web design or mobile-first web design.
  2. They can help you optimize your website for search engines so that it is easy for people to find what they are looking for when they search this helping push your website forward.
  3. A professional eCommerce web designer will be able to handle any changes that may come up in the future without needing any input from you such as critical security updates or changes in policies or laws.
  4. A professional eCommerce web designer knows how important it is to protect customer data and personal information to comply with GDPR.
  5. Having a professionally designed website means customers are more likely to trust your business and spend money with you because they like the way everything looks.


What Makes a Good Ecommerce Website Design?

You may have great products, a stellar reputation, and the best customer service in your industry. But if you don’t put that online presence to good use with an aesthetically pleasing design, then you are missing out on potential customers.

A good eCommerce website design can be the difference between a successful online business and one that fails. It’s important to consider all elements before you decide on your final design, including how it will rank in Google search results or how easy it is for customers to navigate. The best sites have an aesthetically pleasing layout with images of products and clear descriptions of what they offer, as well as intuitive navigation so visitors can find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.

  • The design should be easy to navigate and use
  • It has an aesthetically pleasing layout
  • It needs to provide an overview of the company’s services or products
  • The store needs to have high-quality product images and more than one viewpoint of the product
  • The design should be mobile responsive and have a clean user interface
  • eCommerce sites should also offer social media integration so that customers can share their purchases with friends on Facebook or Twitter without leaving the site
  • There need to be no broken links on the site, otherwise, customers will not trust the business
  • Finally, a good web design includes product reviews from other buyers as well as customer testimonials and feedback in order to give potential shoppers more confidence about making a purchase decision online


Should You Work With Morgan Branding On Your Ecommerce Website Design Project?

The Morgan Branding team are highly skilled in creating eCommerce solutions for a range of clients from large worldwide retail empires to local shops offering local delivery. We can work with you on a content management system based online store such as WordPress teamed up with WooCommerce or other platforms such as Shopify.

Whatever your needs Morgan Branding have you covered we provide branding services, graphic design services, logo design and website design – we got everything covered that you need to launch an eCommerce site right here under one roof!

Need further advice? Get in touch with us here at Morgan Branding we have a fully dedicated team ready to help you and your business get ahead online. You can get in touch via out contact page or get social with us on FacebookTwitter, Instagram or LinkedIn! 

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